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Cramped and crowded
Cramped and crowded
"The care at St Mary’s was faultless; however the parent room was often cramped and crowded. Somewhere to rest and gather your thoughts is important; a new parent facility will make a daunting situation a little less so."
Ben Bick, father of a patient in the unit

Our visionOur vision is a world class intensive care unit able to treat every critically ill child that needs us.
Every year around 400 patients are admitted to our unit, but we have to turn away hundreds more critically ill children for treatment as far afield as Birmingham because we do not have enough beds. In 2014 the unit turned away 233 children, more than half the number admitted.

With your help, we will expand and renovate our current facility into a new modern unit increasing the number of beds from 8 to 15, allowing more than 200 extra children to be treated each year.
This new unit will be modern and fit for purpose, with increased space around each bed, a dedicated fully equipped parents’ room and a bereavement room. No longer will difficult conversations take place at a crowed bedside or in a small parents’ kitchen with a lack of privacy.

Our new state of the art unit will allow our consultants and clinical staff to deliver outstanding care and provide emotional support that every child and their family deserve.

Please help us to save thousands more lives in the next 20 years.
More space
To provide more exceptional care
The proposed new layout of the children’s intensive care unit will increase the number of beds from 8 to 15.

1. Reception & Waiting Area
2. Intensive Care Ward
3. Relatives Room
4. High Dependency Ward
About the appeal
"We are so excited at the prospect of being able to give more of our exceptional care to more children in an expanded and refurbished unit. This will allow us to save more lives and give better care to more critically ill children and their families. A better environment will mean better care and better facilities for families and our staff.
We cannot do this without your support."
Dr Simon Nadel, PICU Consultant and Clinical Lead

About PICUIn 1992, Dr Parviz Habibi joined St Mary’s Hospital with the task of setting up a new children's intensive care unit (PICU).
With one bed, one nurse and one consultant, he set about building what would become an eight bed state-of-the-art intensive care unit from which we still operate today.

Since then we've treated over 7,000 newborns to 18-year-olds and made an incredible difference to the lives of numerous critically ill children.

We innovated 'mobile intensive care' which became the national standard for transferring critically ill children between hospitals. We developed new treatments for conditions such as meningitis and septicaemia for which we have the lowest mortality rate in the developing world.

We have built a team of passionate, dedicated professionals that provide among the highest level of excellence in care found in the country and demonstrate some of the best teamwork of any unit.
But our once modern, state of the art unit has aged, and is now in desperate need of modernisation, more space and more beds, as more than 200 patients are being turned away every year.

Quite simply demand is outstripping supply. By supporting this appeal, you will be helping us build a new unit that will last another 20 years, where our team can continue to provide exceptional care to thousands more children and build upon our legacy of clinical excellence.

With your support we will give more children the future they deserve and crucially be able to save more lives.
This is a joint appeal by two charities:
Supports the children's intensive care unit at St Mary's Hospital in London by helping patients and their families, and enabling our dedicated team to treat hundreds of critically ill children each year.
We strive to make health services better and raise money for St Mary's, Charing Cross, Hammersmith, Queen Charlotte's & Chelsea and Western Eye hospitals and the communities they serve.
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